LSC Elections

The 2018 local school council elections will take place on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 for elementary schools. The term is for two years starting on July 1, 2018.
How to Apply
Candidates must download and fill out the forms here and provide two forms of identification and return them to the school where they would like to run by March 2nd, or to the Office of Local School Council Relations - Garfield Park Office, 2651 W. Washington Blvd, 3rd Floor by February 20th, 2018. All candidates may also file a Form 4-18 Candidate Statement, school staff candidates must file a Form 5-18 School Staff Candidate Information Form and high school student candidates must file a Form 6-18 Student Candidate Information Form.

Strategic Plan

Building on the CIWP, this Strategic Plan was developed by the Local School Council (LSC) to provide additional clarity around strategic initiatives and goals. While the CIWP is the primary driver of priorities, the LSC believes it to be a prescriptive document that addresses very specific initiatives. This Strategic Plan is meant to complement and expand on the CIWP, not replace the CIWP. The Strategic Plan is further meant to be a living document, providing guidance to the broader Lenart community. Please feel free to provide your thoughts to the LSC by January 22, 2018, using the email address